Links from the book . . .

Brewer Pregnancy Diet:

Natural  Family Planning Information:

Fertility Charting Tool: (not in the book, but great tool for understanding your cycles)

Understanding Implantation Signs: (not in book)

Hanna Somatics - To relieve back pain:

Pan Away Essential Oil Blend - To relieve muscle pain:

Homeopathic Arnica - To relieve ligament pain, aches, bruising and inflamation:

Rebozo Sifting:

Changing Baby's Position:

Moxibustion to Turn Breech Baby:
Breastfeeding Support - La Leche International,
Donate Breast Milk (one place that accepts donations) -

Baking Links

Simple recipes to get you started.

Other Useful Links

First Aid

American Red Cross Mobile App

Red Cross First Aid Manual PDF

Pediatric First Aid Manual PDF

* If you save the PDF's to your NOOK Tablet, you can have a ready reference with you wherever your NOOK goes

National Sex Offender Registry - Family Watchdog Group - Sign up for email notifications when sex offender moves near you and your family.
Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Birthday Clubs/Coupons/Finances:

Educational Resources:

Signing Time - Great Tapes for Teaching Children Sign Language
A lot of fun to watch. They make learning easy with fun songs.

Rock n Learn - Fun dvd's with music and crazy characters teach children colors, letters, earth science and more

Lyrical Learning: Science through music

Classical Conversations: Christian Based Resources

Five in a Row - Early Education Resources
Homeschool - Math Newsletters and Resources

Typing Club - Improve Typing Skills for Children

FreeTypingGames.Net - Another Typing Website

Recommended Reads

If you enjoy reading, take a look at these fantasy, romance and children's books below. 


History of Ondar Series by Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr.


If it was legal to kill, would you?

Suriax and Aleria were sister cities, separated by the Therion River. Both were founded on a strict observance of the law, but they could not have been more different. For King Veritan founded Suriax on the teachings of Venerith, the Corruptor, a god of laws devoid of morality. In Suriax there is no "right" or "wrong." There is only "legal" or "illegal."

Kern was an assassin for the Flame Guard, mercenaries dedicated to Venerith. He never questioned his life until the day he learned the truth about his past.

Pursued by a queen willing to do anything to keep her throne, Kern must face an uncertain future and a bargain that will change the people of Suriax forever.

Children's Books

The Adventures of Snooky Snail Series by Betty McLain:

The Adventures of Snooky Snail

by Betty Jean McLain

Will any of Snooky Snail's friends join him for a picnic in the park? Join him on his trip. Meet his friends. See what obstacles he has to face along the way.

First children's book from Betty Jean McLain

For more info:

Werewolf Romance

The Spirit of the Wolf Series by A. D. McLain:

Wolf of the Past

by A. D. McLain

David was a boy without a family, stealing to survive, when one night he met a man named Richard, and his life changed forever.

Nicole was a simple college student, dealing with the recent deaths of her adoptive parents by trying to expose pollution problems in a local company. Grief soon becomes the least of her worries when the company finds out about her investigation and tries to end her meddling, but Nicole has the help of two unlikely allies, a strange black wolf and an even stranger man named David.

But should she trust this stranger, who seems to know so much about her and stirs up feelings she has never had before, even as her entire world gets turned upside down by one mystery after another? More importantly, can David really help her to finally understand the nightmares that have plagued her entire life?

General Romance

Rich Man’s Daughter

by Betty McLain

When Carol discovers her father plans to force her into a marriage she does not want, she must take matters into her own hands.

But how can a girl who has always had everything prove to her father and herself she doesn't need money or good looks to make her way in the world?


by Betty McLain

Running from love, she found her destiny.

Avoiding her home and an arranged marriage, Dody travelled to Reno to help a friend. She never expected the stranger who captured her heart. But can she find him again and fulfill her destiny?

Can love born in a moment last a lifetime?

Love’s Magic

by Betty McLain

The magic of love is in the air. So many people are in need of a little magic in their lives. Mallie and Daniel are in comas. Will they be able to overcome every obstacle and have a life together? 

Will this tragedy show the people in their lives what is important? Can Mallie and Daniel be an example of magical love?

Short Stories

Tales from a One Alley Town

By Bill Dickey

Short stories from the life of a great man

Bill Dickey was born in Belen, Mississippi in 1939. He worked in Education for most of his adult life, though not what most people would call classic education. During his employment with various agencies of the United States Government, he traveled extensively, both in the United States and abroad. He served time in the Air Force, the Army National Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve. His stories encompass a sampling of the many experiences he has had over the years as he met and made new friends wherever he went. He is a true storyteller and has had a wide audience for his stories as he traveled the world. He has come full circle, back to Belen, the one alley town.

* * *

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